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My brain officially has 30% less nerves and 40% more useless mush

Today I was forced to watch in American Government (AmGov to yuppies) a series of brain altering images called Washington DC: An Inspirational Tour. It is on loan from a bizzaro world where the United States is a constitutional robocracy and something that is inspirational doesn't make you feel good; it just stops your ability to feel. It was used by the robots to torture those who laughed or cried. The only way to keep you self from loosing your emotions is to see what is ironically funny abut the awful movie. Like when the narrator calls the city a reflection of the country's spirit and strength, you can take that to include our country's high crime rate. Or when it talks about an exhibit at the Smithsonian about first ladies and all that they show you is pictures of plates. Apparently all the first ladies did was cook and clean.

Anyway, the weirdest part was that my teacher seemed to delight in our misery, looking at us with a kind of devilish smile (the only display of emotion allowed in a robocracy) as his student's eyes glazed, jaws descended and a few more restless students banged their heads against their desks in attempt to remember what pain feels like. Apparently the movie has already had it's affect on him.

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