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About the re-design.

I really have no idea why I just spent five hours making this site look all purty. But, hay, it looks good. Thank you to Blogger Templates for making the basis for the design, New One. I got rid of the titles and stuff because it really doesn't do anything but take up space at the top after someone realizes where they are. They can just look at the sidebar for that. And the text was way too small. I also added that tagboard on the side. That was a lot easer than I thought it would be. And the google search is kinda, well, ok. It really has no point. I don't think many people are going to need to find something on this site that bad. Oh well, it wasn't hard to get. And the blogroll, like, adds all of those links that I've been meaning to put up. So, yea. That was fun.

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