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Being captured by pirates is kinda like being captured by groupies but less fun.

Notice: The following contains what is known as free prose. Essentially, the writer just wrote whatever the hell he wanted without thinking about the consequences of doing so. In other words, the following paragraph was not designed to be readable and never should be considered to be as such.

Dude! This post is gonna be weird man... wough! I just spent a week (was it a week?) kidnapped by PIRATE ALIENS!!! Ahhhhh! (To say their name makes them real and to make them real is to admit that the last week happened and to admit (hold on for a second...............................ok, I'm good) something is to make the horror more real (based on the realness-o-meter) or something like that (it wasn't really all that horrible an experience) and causes me to scream in pain.) They made me... made me... scrub THE POOP DECK!!!!! (oh poop deck, how do you haunt my dreams so?) This would have been all right had the pirates been real pirates, but these crappy pirates didn't even have eye patches. Oh pirate aliens, (Ahhhhh!) why can't you be real pirates? You guys suck.

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