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Choosing a car was the fastest purchasing decision my dad has ever made

I mean seriously, it took him a month to decide on a grill.


Japanese cars are known for being a lot better than their American counterparts. They are generally more fuel efficient, less likely to break down, faster and cooler. That's why my dad bought the American made Ford Taurus.

Let me explain. Because the Japanese cars are so attractive to car buyers, dealers can sell a used Honda Accord for a lot more than the Ford my dad bought, even though the cars are vary similar. In fact, they sell it for eight thousand dollars more. You see why he bought this car now? It not even like the Ford is a lot worse than the Honda. They are both perfectly good no-frills sedans. One just costs a lot more than the other. And, with his first American car in years, my dad can now drive in Detroit without getting mugged.

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