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I'm back, byoueaches

Try to pronounce that, byoueach!


If you are wondering where the heck I went for the past week you probably don't know where I went. If you wondered about it but still knew where I was you are a little odd. But hay, people have done weirder things. Anyway, I'm only going to tell people where I went on a need to know basis. You know, to protect the innocent.

But if there is one thing that I learned last week is that anything that I try to do will most certainly be taken the wrong way if it possibly can be. For example, let's say I tell a girl that she is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. Then I will be called a pervert and arrested for sexual harassment. Or if I trip, fall and break my arm someone will think it's self inflicted and sign me up for counseling. Or, if the least probable thing is to happen, I will make a comment about the greatness of general Patton and get drafted in the army only to be discharged after breaking my arm in an odd encounter with a muslim woman.

Wait a second, I think I just gave away where I was the past week. Crap.

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