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It's a post! (Philosophy of modern pop songs 1)

Summer begins and I'm doing absolutely nothing! HaHaHAHA! But this is not about me. This is about modern pop songs. Since I need some sort of format to actually feel like posting something, here is a new feature:

Philosophy of modern pop songs: a kinda deep analysis

Philosophical thought: Life is an hourglass glued to the table
Song: Breathe
Artist: Anna Nalick

Not a bad observation, though I think it's too general. It's not life thats moving forward and can't be turned around, it's time. If all of life was irreversible then the Berlin wall would still be up, the roman empire would still be around and Vanilla Ice would still have a carrier. So, while this observation is not fundamentally true, it's damn close so I give it a score of 70. Find out what the score is out of multiplying your age by two and dividing it by the length of an atom in inches. I don't know what you do with that number next, but it has to be important.

Where were we, oh yea, Breathe

Speaking of time, you can count the number of hours you have watched VH1 to the numbers of times you have heard this song.

5: 1 hour
11: 2 hours
556,942: way to many hours.

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what's the length of an atom in inches? | Link to this Comment  


Oh you know that. It's common knowledge that 3.937007874015748e-9 inches is the diameter of an atom.

(Thanks to for generally kicking ass and giving me the length in centimeters, Admiral Metals who had the only conversion calculator that would go to 10^-9 and the academy.)
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