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Top of the sidebar thing

I've decided to archive the things I put on the top of the side bar for future generations to enjoy. If you are of those upcoming generations, I want to offer you a few words of hope, "Some robots is kind."


Notice! The writer of IAI will not be able to write on his blog from now till June 19.That means this site will not change for a whole week. Isn't it nice in this ever changing world to have one constant? For a week?
- Ran from the Eleventh of June, 2005 to the date that you should know just by reading it. Jeez. Do I have to tell you everything?

IAI has been called, "Way too thought out."
- Ran from the nineteenth of June, 2005 to twenty-first of June, 2005.

IAI will be gone till the twenty-eighth. Yea, I'm gone again. I'm like the WIND!
- Ran from the twenty-first of June, 2005 to the twenty-ninth of June, 2005. OK, so I posed on here one day later than I planned. It doesn't matter (see next top of sidebar.)

I am the only person who subscribes to my own blog. It's only kinda sad.
- Ran from the twenty-ninth of June, 2005 to the thirtieth of June, 2005. Never really liked it anyway.

Take the MIT Weblog Survey
- Ran from the thirtieth of June, 2005 to the third of July, 2005.

My chatterbox is lonely... So very lonely.
- Ran from the the third of July, 2005 to the Fourth of July, 2005.

Everybody's Got Something to Hide... Except For Me and My Monkey
- Ran from the the Fourth of July, 2005 to the Seventh of July, 2005.

Congratulations on winning the Olympic bid London Umm... *sigh*
- Ran from the the Seventh of July, 2005 to the Thirteenth of July, 2005, around the time of the underground bombing. I couldn't think of anything to say.

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