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The 4-0

Okay, so it's not the really post #40. It's #39.95! (You see, I'd hardly classify a picture of Jesus's face in a sand dune as a full post) Anyway, I'm going to celebrate this random milestone by listing the posts from the past forty that truly rock (are any good). I'd call this a lazy post but it involved more effort than the rest of today's posts combined.

  • This is the most important thing to ever happen ever.
  • Kind of stupid and pointless, but you can see a bit of intelligence behind it, right?

    The office XP Trilogy (Okay, so it's only two posts. I mean, Douglas Adams made a Hitchhiker's trilogy of five installments. This is the lazy person's version.):
  • Office XP: Why?

  • I have good news!

  • My brain officially has 30% less nerves and 40% more useless mush
  • I really like this one.
  • This is a representation of our school.
  • I feel like a jerk for posting it, but it's true.
  • It's a post! (Philosophy of modern pop songs 1)
  • Take that pretentious songwriters!
  • Philosophy of modern pop songs 2
  • Petrol is what they call gasoline in England, if you were wondering. I just think it's a funny word.
  • A Thought on Blogs
  • It was soon after this that I wrote the thing on Freedom Tower.
  • I'm back byoueaches
  • The first almost curse word on IAI.
  • I could go for a really deep anylsis, but that might break it. (Part 1)
  • I expected much grander things for this than what it and part two ended up as, but hay, it's my longest entry. That must count for something.
  • I could go for a really deep anylsis, but that might break it. (Part 2)
  • Notice the cop-out ending.

    Enjoy yourselves.

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    Posted on 04 July, 2005 | E-mail this post

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