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Have you ever noticed how obsessed the internet is with monkeys? I mean, do a google search for monkeys and you get 7,760,000 results, but search for the most incredibly awesome thing ever and you get only 766,000 results, the most incredibly awesome thing ever being Psychonauts. No seriously, it's that good. And it's sold, what, two copies? Holy crap. Tim Shafer, you are a wondrous curse. Grim Fandango got a game of the year yet still managed to sell so badly it basically shut down Lucas Arts's adventure game department. And now Psychonauts has pushed the company that took the huge risk of publishing your masterpiece straight downhill. And by masterpiece I do mean masterpiece. Let's take a look at some of the comical banter that takes place in the game:
Raz: A madman is stealing all of the kid's brains in order to build a gigantic death ray to take over the world! And the only one who can stop them is you and me, Lili.

Lili: Oh my god! Let's make out!


Where to buy these awesome games (which you really ought to do):
Grim Fandango

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