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Becasue the tagboard and comments weren't enough.

Where you crazy people are

Another random doo-dad people! It's a map, you see, and you can add little points next to areas that you think deserve little points, like next to where you live and the like. Some of the stuff on that page is a little buggy, the sidebar links don't work (the "Home!" link beneath it does, though), but the part that needs to work works so it's all good. Enjoy yourselves.

Double click to post a little marker where you are comfortable telling us as somewhaere close to where you live. Zoom out for more of the world (you know, my many international readers) or zoom in for a better view of people who know me outside this blog. If you wan't to tag somewhere other than were you live just to point it out, feel free.

Thank you MyGuestmap

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Posted on 29 July, 2005 | E-mail this post

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