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He's probably exaggerating it. A little.

Notice: Geeky post.

"Statements about 'Oh, the PS3 is going to be twice as fast as an Xbox 360' are totally meaningless . It means nothing. It's surprising that game customers don't realize how it treats them like idiots. The assumption is that you're going to swallow that kind of system, when in fact there's no code that has been run on both of those architectures that is anything close to a realistic proxy for game performance. So to make a statement like that, I'm worried for the customers. And that we view customers as complete morons that will never catch on and that we're lying to them all the time. That's a problem because in the long run, it will have an impact on our sales."
-Gabe Newell - Head of Valve, creators of Half Life

Next Generation - "Your Existing Code? Throw it Away"
It is worthwhile to note that the Nintendo Revolution will not have the problems that are discussed in the article. Just a note.

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