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It's like listening to the radio after living under a rock for a year so everything is new and different, but with no moss.


These links here are the two most awesome things on my blogroll. They are MP3 blogs, lists of MP3's their authors like and a few words on them. Not everything they have is good, but all of it is interesting and every once and a while it's something awesome. What's odd is that all this is about as illegal as Grokster, I mean it is file sharing without permission from the copyright holder, but the music industry knows about these sites and has yet to do anything about them (Hell, the Fluxblog guy gets paid by some label for, well, doing something like what he does on his site). These sites do take down the music after some time so they do stay on the good side of the labels, but it's still in the gray area legally.

Note: TOFU is currently not updating because of some kind of hosting/he's busy problem, but it's still cool.

List of a bunch of other MP3 blogs from TOFU.

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