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Snarking Websnark

Notice Geeky Post: May cause blank stares and boredom. Not really, but whatever.

If you have looked through my blogroll, and I know so many of you have, you may have noticed a blog called Websnark by Eric Burns. Unless the first line of this post didn't deter you I can't recommend it full heartedly (but since you are actually reading this then knock yourself out). For you see, I stumbled upon this site by a link from PvP to a post talking about the intricate relationships between the characters of that webcomic. Yep, PvP. For some reason the oddness of this site didn't strike me; most of the posts are like scholarly studies of Pee Wee's Big Adventure (ow! stop that irony club!) with a few candid moments sprinkled in. I stayed on past discussions of why Eric used to read Megatokyo but doesn't anymore and how Ground Protection Fault pulled a First and Ten, even basically a lecture on why infinite canvas webcomics suck. I even knew what half of that meant! So, yea. I still look at the site's stuff now and then but I usually skim past most of it.

But that doesn't mean Eric Burns is not awesome. For you see, the popularity of Websnark, at least in the elitist webcomic community, allowed him to start writing a comic called Gossamer Commons and get a pretty talented guy to draw it. It's awesomeness makes up for the anti-awesomeness of Websnark. I can't really describe it without making it seem kinda stupid, but it involves faeries. Faeries that can KILL YOU!


Notice the comment from the writer dude. Cool. I sent him this e-mail in responce:

Hay, thanks for responding to my blog post on Websnark, and for being thrilled that I think that your website is stupid. Anyway, I think it's worth noting that I've changed my opinion since I wrote that. I discovered your column Feeding Snarky and I think that it's pretty good. Now Websnark, it has grown on me. I like it now. And Gossamer Commons? Total crap. Sooo, how do you like that?

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You are literally the first person I've seen who says they like Websnark okay but GC -- now that's good.

I'm utterly thrilled. Seriously. Thank you. 

Posted by E. Burns
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