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Weird thing I saw on FOX NEWS.

The seventy-three people who have read my other, as good as dead, blog know I have an odd fascination with FOX NEWS. While that blog was oddly fun to write, it was eventually died in the face of the freedom this site allows. Anyway, I thought I might as well share something odd I saw while watching it, because sharing is caring.


The bit of news was that the lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin, had said that the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition makes him cry and that he wanted to be a part of it. First off, Chris Martin is a wimp. Not new news, but whatever. Secondly, this is pointless celebrity crap that really shouldn't be news. It wasn't even quarantined into some kind of Hollywood Minute type of segment. Lastly, the subtitle at the bottom of the screen, you know, for those who cant figure out the news from what the people are saying (Actually, that's not an unreasonable failure.), called Martin Coldplay Guy. Coldplay Guy? They didn't even give the band's real name, Ridiculously Overprodused Knockoff Radiohead.

I also saw a segment with global news called Around the World in 80 Seconds. Yep. They even have a countdown clock.


The Freudian slip of a lifetime.

Posted on 13 July, 2005 | E-mail this post

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