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What's this? A post about my life? It can't be!

Yes it true!

My dad took me bicycle riding today on Chicago's lakefront. I have to sore butt to prove it. You know, besides the back breaking effort, my dad taking an obscene amount of pictures and the shirtless joggers who, well, needed to, was kinda fun. There was this soccer tournament on this miniaturised fields that sprawled over a park like weeds, even, I swear, up a hill. The fields were trampled to dirt from all the playing and with all of the tan Latinos (and Corona beer caps littering the field) I caught myself calling it Fútbol.

Further up the path was a small fire charring one of the lawns (the short, dry grass didn't amount to much of a flow. The fire department was there to put it out along a guy with a peace of plywood stamping out the flames. A few other bystanders poured their water bottles on the embers. Kinda futile, but whatever. My dad, of course, went to take some pictures and left me with the bikes. Oddly enough while I was alone some weird guy with a pinwheel cap rode his bike right up next to me. Unfortunately his shorts were purposely tucked to make sure that they revealed as much skin as possible. I fear that he saw me as fresh meat. Anyway, he joked that he could put out the fire with his pinwheel. I told him, in the most apathetic way I could, that that probably wouldn't work. He suggested that it might if it was spinning fast enough, and then rode off sadly.

Afterwards I rented Shaun of the Dead. Awesome movie.

So, that's my day.

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Posted on 23 July, 2005 | E-mail this post

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