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Going from doing nothing worth something to doing something I care nothing about.

Unless the teachers go and strike on us, school for me starts tomorrow. In celebration of this, um..., not bad event I'm going to predict the mindless routene that my day will consist of.

  • I predict a massive headache around eleven thirty A.M. that will not go away until I fall asleep seventh period.

  • I predict a total for thirteen awkward conversations that consist of the question "What did you do this summer?" folowed by the answer "Nothing" or some other varation of that event with simular meaning.

  • I will likly see a total of nineteen makeout sessions in the middle of the hallway, slowing down the alredy congested hallways.

  • A total of three of those couples will still be together in three weeks.

  • While this is unlikly, I will award extra points to the school for preforming a swich up and one of the makeout couples is gay. I'm not counting on it though.

    May god save us all.


    Chicago Tribune | Naperville teachers consider strike

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    Posted on 23 August, 2005 | E-mail this post

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