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I go to the dentist purely for the comedy value.

Dentists have this kind of exorcist vibe about them. They painfully pull the demons out of the unclean mouths of their patients. Then they give grave warnings to end the evil sins of eating candy and not brushing your teeth. I think that my dentist is trying to get rid of that image of dentistry. He gives chocolate to his patients when we leave, Yoo-hoos and Snapples as well (And wine for the over twenty-ones, most of which are about to drive home). It's kinda ridiculous, like he's trying to make sure that we all get cavities and keep him in business.

Now he has gone and conquered the business next to his office and expanded his practice. I think that half of that new space was used for the huge waiting room. It's all silver and black and oddly sci-fi, kind of a feature cathedral of dentistry. Perfect for the kids. The same thing goes, in a sarcastic way, for the soft classical music pumped through the speakers. Kinda surreal when a metal pick is in your mouth. And to make things even more weird this hangs on the wall:

Yes! Dentistry is touching God! Through the mouth!


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