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More Marching Band. Plus: Crying Indians!

You know, people in my marching band keep going on about how they don't think that they can memorize their music. I, personally, don't think that's a problem. The band leaders are going to have them playing the songs over and over and if someone can't memorize it in rehearsal than they probably aren't paying attention. Wait a minute, memorization may be a bigger problem for me after all. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the show.

Song one: The Cowboys
It seems appropriate to start a show with a cowboy theme with a song called the cowboys. Brilliant. Anyway, the song is the usual John Williams: loud, familiar even when you have never heard it before and oddly lonely without a movie playing. It was also used in a Dominick's steak commercial, so it fits with the beef theme.

Song two: The Promise of Living
I officially have no information about this song (you have failed me Google), but I do know that it fills the ballad requirement for a marching show. It's easy, slow, and makes the show longer without requiring too much more work. Perfect!

Song three: Hoedown
This song is not actually called hoedown. It is called the beef song, and that is that. I hope that sometime during this song I get to yell beef and fill a deep need in my soul.

Song four: Silverado
I have never watched Silverado and I don't know crap about it (it says a lot when I'm too lazy for Google) but I must say, this song rocks. I can totally imagine some tough as nails western dude, the kind who can get shot in the gut while watching his house burn down with his wife and kids inside yet not cry, hearing this song and shedding a little tear down his cheek. It's the kind of tears Indians cry when they see pollution.

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