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School ~after dark~

After three emotionally draining days back at the grind I just shut down. It happened after the first (horrible) football halftime marching band show. I had to walk back through the empty school to grab a Spanish book out of my locker. In the basement where my locker is I just froze and lied down in the empty school hallway. With 20/20 hindsight I realize that I could of gotten some horrible disease from the dirty floor. Only half the lights were on so the usual ridiculous brightness of the school was replaced by a oddly comfortable dimness. It was pretty cold down there, almost uncomfortably so, but I had just spent the last hour marching in a wool uniform so I didn't mind. It was so odd and empty, made more creepy by the feeling that people are going to come bursting out of the classrooms any minute. I kinda liked it though.

Either way, I'm never going there after hours again.


Posted on 27 August, 2005 | E-mail this post

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