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For those who are keeping track...

...Marching Band had it's first competition yesterday. This is a call for celebration, even though we got third out of, like, five. For, you see, our drum major didn't go off time during the whole show! While it is not a good sign when she's off so often that when she does get it right people are dancing in the streets, I still say good for her. Secondly, our band directors finally admitted that the show that they designed for us is ridiculously hard. To quote, "This show is crazy, and we were crazy to write it." I honestly believe that we would have placed second or even first if the show wasn't so close to impossible.

But the good news is that I think the insaneness of the show makes it more entertaining for the audience. Compare us to, for example, the people who won overall. This is the band that always wins these competitions even though their shows consist of hardy hardly any marching, or even movement at all, except by the freaking ballet dancers. The music is slow and melodic, beautiful but depressing. Since marching bands are known for being energetic and powerful (it's on a football field, for Christ's sake!), seeing what's practically ballet in a marching band show is somewhat off putting and feels empty. The tone of their shows, and the fact that they wear all black, has given them a reputation as mysterious people of the night (this is even funnier when you consider that they are from a catholic school.). Ok, so they're talented and their show is flawless. And, even though I don't know anyone from the band, I'm sure that the band members are good people. That doesn't mean I have to like their show. At all.

Anyway, judging from audience reaction, our show is fun to watch despite the fact that only half us can play our music. It's going to be something else when we get right.



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