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I drink this stuff only out of curiosity. It may kill me.

Maybe you've heard of this stuff. It's vitamin water. Let's just say that it not just a coincidence that it looks like medicine.

I've noticed a group of girls in my school that always drink this stuff, as the school put a drink machine filled with this stuff in after they banned soda (the soda machines are still there, rotting our teeth before and after school). These are the same people that don't know why I drink Dr. Pepper, despite the fact that is crafted by the gods. Will the ladies and I ever find a common ground in the drink world? Will Hollywood ever make a movie about minorities that isn't actually about white people? Will there ever be universal health care in America?

What is the meaning of life? Why is grass green? Why is 50 Cent's vitamin water grape?


A movie about minorities that is actually about a white dude.
The New Yorker - THE MORAL-HAZARD MYTH: The bad idea behind our failed health-care system.


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when the drink in your bottle is purple, that's when you know it's left the realm of "water" 

Posted by kyle smucker
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