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It's worth noting that even this stip has said less than nice things about Bush.

Chances are you've heard of political comics that invade the normal funnies like The Boondocks and Doonsbury. Probably in response to all of those strips a political cartoonist, Scott Stantis, started drawing the comic shown below, named Prickly City. It was recently added to the Chicago Tribune, so I've been reading them pretty regularly. Not because it's funny, I just can't look away. First Scott misquoted Ted Kennedy and made a joke about his bad driving. And that it killed someone. That stip was not printed by the Chicago Tribune, even though the Tribune would suport a colony of bacteria for president if it was the Republican candidate. Then during Terri Shivo he, well, read the Wikipeda article if you need to know.

And then, after the hurricane, Scott did this strip:

Exactly what you'd expect from a conservative, right? Entirely disaffected and blind to the real issue (even though it's somewhat true). Then this happened:

Honestly, I have no idea what Scott is thing to say here, other than the Homeland Security crack. He already said the the people stuck in New Orleans didn't get out of the way due to their own stupidity. Is he saying that they stayed there out of their own stupidity? Is he that out of it?

Tune in tomorrow for more copyright infringement and the exciting continuation.


Prickly City's official description from it's website:
A small town in the American Southwest... everything in the desert is designed to prick you, wound you or eat you. What better metaphor for 21st century Earth? PRICKLY CITY is a comic strip about the friendship between Winslow, a coyote pup, and Carmen, a straight and narrow kind of kid. PRICKLY CITY offers a conservative perspective on political and social events within an ongoing storyline. As Carmen might say, "We may not be correct but we will always be right."

Wikipedia: Prickly City

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