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More Katrina

It has hit the fan. It has engulfed the fan. The fan is crushed under the weight of it. And more is piling on.

It being, of course, Hurricane Katrina.


It's becoming more and more obvious that the government completely screwed up here. They should of known that this was going to happen. The relief effort has left thousands of people without food or water in total pig sties, and some people couldn't help even if they wanted to. Then they start to act like things aren't as bed as they are (Then there's this)


I would not be surprised if someone loses a job over this. And then news anchor Anderson Cooper starts doing what I've wanted some newsman to do for years. And Kanye West blurts out the greatest candied moment in TV history (link to movie) (even though one of the things he refers to something that's nothing to get angry about...) I hate to say silver lining but it's about time someone spoke up.



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