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Music/ makes the people/ say what the heck?!!?

Some people like making up weird things for people to do on their blogs, and one the things I found is to list the first ten songs that play when you set your player on random/ all songs. I will now do this prompt, but I have to warn you: this may or may not be made up.

1. Nina Gordon/ Straight Out of Compton - Oh man, this is so good that I would of faked it in here anyway, but it honestly showed up as the first song played on random. This version of the notoriously profane and disturbingly violent becomes something entirely different when covered as a simple and vary beautifully sung folk song. About shooting people. Awesome.

2. Chick Corea/ Lifeline - Hea, Jazz! Jazz Lab Combo! Copied this CD onto my computer after getting it out of the library. Hurray for free music!

3. Scissor Sisters, The Beatles, George Michael and Aretha Franklin (a remix by DJ Earworm)/ No One Takes Your Freedom - A beautiful Beatles ballad, a bad eighties song and one of the best female vocalists of all time? Sounds like a recipe for success.

4. Crazy Girl/ Kick Yo Booty - The next "Who Let the Dogs Out," here to annoy you now before it (might) hit it big. (notice, the Mp3 on the site I linked to has been taken down by now. That is the nature of Fluxblog)

5. Chad VanGaalen/ Echo Train - Anouther Fluxblog, this one recent enough to still have a working link, or at least have one for now. Reading it's description it seems like it's a sad song, but listening to it I can't really tell why because he mumbles a lot. I might read the lyrics sooner or later to find out what he's depressed about. The music, though, works really well.

Six through ten later.


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