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Site crap

I think I've settled in on the final look for I.A.I.. No graphics except for the NavBar and whatever I put in my posts. I've heard that leaving the NavBar causes the site to not be valid XHTML 1.0., but I have no idea what that means. I got rid of that weird tattoo thing in the upper left. The only reason it survived this long is that I didn't know how to remove it. Individual categories are now liked to on the main page, so they are actually useful. Same with archive, which I update manually. I think it;s better the way I do it, but whatever.

All I have to say is that I'm kinda proud that I took this and turned it into the thing you are looking at right now through pure fiddling. I have no experience with html, css, xml, xhtml, cxml, pearl, js, glgl, MySql ajax or whatever other acronym is in use right now. That's less a good thing about me and more the fact that that services like blogger make everything so damn easy. Scratch that. They make everything physically passable and then I can make everything work through pure too much time on my hands. The site is exactly how I want it, though.

Anyway, I'll probably change everything by next week. Just a warning.



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