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Sometimes something makes so little sence you have to post it. Like... under pentaly of law.

This is an actual page from an actual blog that I stumbled upon.


Life i hate it so much. What i believe is that this thing we call life is hell! And that if we mess up or do things bad or wrong we are reborn to do it all over again, but the right way! If we kept doing the samething wrong we will be reborn over and over until you do it right. And once you finally do that you die and go to heaven instead of getting reborn again to this 'place' called earth or should hell on earth. This is my belief and it always will be!!! Since i am here telling you all of this i am guessing did something bad in my former life, so i have go through the torture of living again.
posted by Parvati at 6:02 PM

Anonymous said...
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