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You know, if "Bigot and Proud of It" ends up on a shirt I expect a cut.

This T-shirt slogan, from the ever entertaining, is so hilariously odd that I feel obligated to post it here. First off, it forgets that the goal of an argument is to persuade who you are arguing against. If someone calls you a bigot then you are obviously not getting to them, the only place that you're winning is the world inside your head where you're always right (tell our president that I say hi). Secondly, it apparently doesn't realize what the definition of bigot is. So, here it is (in correct dictionary formatting as an attempt at mockery):

One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

[French, from Old French.]
Now here are some of the other shirts on the site.

(quote on lower left by Pres. Ronald Regan)

I'm sorry, but these people are bigots. And proud of it.


Shirts from

Definition from the liberal pigs of

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Posted on 29 September, 2005 | E-mail this post

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I think you missed the main point of the shirt. It states that the conservative IS winning the argument... not that he/she thinks they are. duh. 

Posted by Anonymous
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Holy crap, that was quick. Anyway, Anonymous, part of my point was that if someone gets called a bigot he is not winning the argument despite what the shirt says. duh.

You know, after this and the Liberal Movies incident (This  and my responce) I'm pritty shure that no one actually reads anything on the internet.

Oh, correct me if I'm talking to the wrong person but thanks for the buck. 

Posted by noexes
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