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Baby Got Back covered in hilarious way: Yes, I'm doing more rap stuff.

Wough, wait what was that? If you weren't here on Saturday you'll never know!


For all you people who liked that folk Straight Outta Compton from a couple weeks back will probably like this version of Baby Got Back. Just a hunch.

Boing Boing: Nerd folksinger covers Baby Got Back

Most of this songs awesomeness comes from it's creepiness, most of which is transferred over from the original lyrics. It's not really mean, just really dirty. Reallllllly dirty.


From the singer's, Jonathan Coulton's, site:

This week is a cover of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot (note: he is not an actual knight). Had to activate the whole team for this one - guitar, mandolin, banjo and even some shakers and tambourines and other things lying around the house. I'’ve wanted to cover this song for a long time, because it is excellent - there'’s a wonderful message in there for those of you who have big butts. In the proud tradition of many white Americans who came before me I hereby steal and white-ify this thick and juicy piece of black culture. Watch for my album "Jonathan Coulton Sings Songs by Black People."


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