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I stomach band!

Lets say that a kid is being taught how to tie his shoe, and lets say that he is being taught by my marching band directors. First they teach him how do the overhand knot method and all is good. The kid thinks that everything is cool, that this is how he is going to tie his shoes forever. Then next week the band directors teach him the over-sole, triple twisted knot version, which, for whatever reason, wraps around the leg three times. Actually, I'm sorry, two and half times.

Then the directors take the kid to shoe tying competition. The kid gets excited about the chance to show off his mad skills, until he finds out that he will be using a new method called the underfoot tuck the day of the show. So the kid messes up at the competition and gets kinda bummed. The only reason the kid goes on is the promise, delivered in a three hour speech, that the band directors will teach him the new movements and he will get it right and he will be the bestist shoe tier in the world! And he does learn the new method and fells pretty good about it.

Of course, this is only until the band directors teach him the athletes-foot-killer/round-the-ancle method the day before the next competition. Then the kid complains about it in his blog.



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