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Why marching band sucked.

Considering the number of anger surrounding marching band this year it's worth knowing that Alstadt kinda knows just how much people have hated this year. I talked to him during finals and he asked me how I felt about not winning finals. I was all meh, saying that I was sad that all that work and no big reward kinda sucked, but meh (in truth I was more devastated than I thought I was going to me. i went into the finals anusement thinking that it doesn't matter if we win or loose, but when we lost I was kinda angry). Then he asked me how other people felt. And, well...

I salute all the seniors, who had to put up with all the COMPLETE S--- alstadt and silder have given us this year.
The only good thing about marching band is the people you meet. After that, i have lost a lot of trust from alstadt and silder.
Damn, i'm ready to punch one of them in the face.
I'm siding with the naperville north kid, it's way cooler over there marching band wise. (link)

Let's just say that I told him people were not liking marching band, but I didn't say shit. And I gave him a little list of why that went something like this:
The good news is that he actually offered a good explanation of why he worked us so hard, which lead to the complaints, which led to the bad attitudes and which led to changes (but didn't lead to Katlin not being all that good, but oh well): the show length. Seriously, it was eleven minutes compared to last years seven. He says that next year the show will be shorter. So, yea. Then he got on his knees and pleaded with me to come back. Not really, but yea. So come back.


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