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The Veterans Day assembly was a day early, the post a day late.

Last Thursday my school had a Veterans Day assembly that ended up as an odd collision of several different world views. First off was a speech from the principal written by the vice president. It was suprisingly basic and simple and filled with common bush words like Freedom and American. Then came the unofficial counterpoint argument from one of the oddest charicters in my school, a fiercely liberal, freckled Indian who is allergic to the sun. As you can probably guess, he isn't exactly popular. His speech had a lot more more complex language than the Vice President's, but most of it ended up as kinda embarrassing. He also talked about how veterans preserved capitalism, another odd statement from a guy who has a Che shirt. He ended with a comment about solders fighting for the unalienable rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and some vague threat against the current presidential administration taking that stuff away.

Then came the band, who had a very good song that with a break in the middle for a little speech. It was about the kind of love solders show in the selfless act of risking their life for another. It was awesome.


Vice President's Remarks at a Remembrance Ceremony for Veterans Day

Che Guevera From Wikipedia

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