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Guess what!

Right now where I live it is Mostly Sunny and 67 Degrees Fahrenheit (Celsius is for Europeans. Yea. I went there.). Tomorrow (Sun) it is going to be 67 Degrees F and a little yellow lightning bolt will come out of a gray cloud. The cloud is a little darker on the left side.

How do I know this? The truth is self evident.

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Just a bit of change.

Ok, not much to say but hi, how’s it going. I’m especially happy right now because I discovered a hack in Firefox: I can move the bookmarks toolbar up onto the same row as the menus and get more screen room for the content (which is king). It doesn’t take much to make me happy. You better hope I get mildly pissed again and therefore make better entries.

Have a good day.

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Another Conversation

[Scene begins on bus ride home]

3: Dude, Chapelle’s Show season two’s coming out!

2: Nice.

3: You know, Samuel Jackson man! (In the closest voice a white teenager can get to a middle aged black man) It’ll get ya drunk!

[2 and 3 laugh, 1 enters]

1: Dude, stop now.

3: What?

1: Ok, that’s the third time I’ve heard you say that today. I was in the seat behind you in the morning bus and I heard it. I passed you in the hallway and you were saying it to someone. And now you are saying it again, and that’s just sad.

[2 looked around as a man who has just witnessed great irony does, because he has just witnessed exactly that]

1: I heard it on the show it was freakin hilarious. I heard it on the bus and it was delightfully lighthearted. I hear it now and it is just stupid. Stop now.

2: Nerd!

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1: You see that new Nintendo Revolution? It looks incredibly awesome. While all of the other videogame companies keep going More Power! More Ram! (at more cost), Nintendo has gone the other route by making a system that anyone can develop for with out spending the millions of dollars to develop it for the more powerful platforms. With all of this focus on making things so expensive to develop will only kill the industry. With it’s focus on making it easy and inexpensive, Nintendo will save the gaming industry!

2: Nerd!

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I have good news!

Ah, good news. It’s the kind of news that you can bring to one of those evil tyrants and not get killed for. There are some tyrants who won’t kill you for bringing alright news, some won’t even kill you for mediocre news, but none of them would kill for good news. And the news that I’m about to tell my many internet readers will certainly not get any of them killed, if they brought it to their local evil tyrant (every block has one).

Ok, enough prancing about. Here it is: You can make Office 2003 less ugly. If you change all of Windows's theme to Windows Classic it also changes the Office program’s look to some weird silver thing that looks halfway decent. It’s not the late, great tan on blue of Office XP, but it’ll do. Changing the theme also takes away the comically large window control buttons throughout Windows XP. So, even though it’s not that good a thing for me (my sister would freak if I changed anything on her computer), it can probably qualify as good news.

So a good day to you all, and be sure to avoid the local tyrant. He’s angry today.

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