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This is a representation of our school.

Well, if you've read some of the more angry posts here and my other blog, you probably see that I can get annoyed rather easily. Such is the case with this year's yearbook. I know that's it not a big deal; the people who wrote it were hardly professionals. Yet there is something seriously wrong about it. For example, the biggest tragedy of the year, the Tsunami, is given about the same as emphasis as the Brad and Jen breakup: "Some people even felt frustrated by the split. Many rooted. (Some didn't even care. Others thought that the focus on celebrity news was distracting people from real issues that affect more than just a select few people. Still others burned pictures of the couple in effigy.) ." The Tsunami article also includes this quote: "A lot of Americans would of died if that happened here." Wow. That goes right up with "there are no homeless people."

Stolen from America the book:
2000 Massacred Congolese = 500 Drowned Bangladeshis = 45 Fire-bombed Iraqis = 12 Car-bombed Europeans = 1 Snipered American

This is on top of the already famous make-out page. I hardly see why that kind of thing is coincided so important that they give it it's own full color page. Even better, it begins with a paragraph stolen from a dirty novel: "The saliva crept to the outside of her lip. Claiming his territory, he frantically touched her lips..." And, while I can't confirm this, I heard that one of the couples aren't even dating, just posing for the camera.

This wouldn't be anything other than funny if other parts of the book weren't written well. The introduction, even though it's oddly out of place, is actually a good bit of writing. A lot of the peaces, even the P.D.A. one, are so honest that it stands out against the more stupid and dry peaces of the rest of the book. So, yea, they can do better than this.

I'd also like to point out that the entire yearbook staff is of the fairer sex. Not even a token, maybe gay, guy. I'm not going to make any more observations on this fact to avoid a pummeling.

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Conversation the third

4: Look! I got a palm! I can draw on it and store my schedule.

5: Well, I got a trio! It can be a cellphone, play movies, shoot lasers, cook a delightful chicken dinner and let peoples of different cultures understand each other.

6: I got a stack of index cards with a clip on it.

4: Awesome!

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Curse you Music Industry!


Stolen from Boing Boing

This comic helped me feel again.

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My brain officially has 30% less nerves and 40% more useless mush

Today I was forced to watch in American Government (AmGov to yuppies) a series of brain altering images called Washington DC: An Inspirational Tour. It is on loan from a bizzaro world where the United States is a constitutional robocracy and something that is inspirational doesn't make you feel good; it just stops your ability to feel. It was used by the robots to torture those who laughed or cried. The only way to keep you self from loosing your emotions is to see what is ironically funny abut the awful movie. Like when the narrator calls the city a reflection of the country's spirit and strength, you can take that to include our country's high crime rate. Or when it talks about an exhibit at the Smithsonian about first ladies and all that they show you is pictures of plates. Apparently all the first ladies did was cook and clean.

Anyway, the weirdest part was that my teacher seemed to delight in our misery, looking at us with a kind of devilish smile (the only display of emotion allowed in a robocracy) as his student's eyes glazed, jaws descended and a few more restless students banged their heads against their desks in attempt to remember what pain feels like. Apparently the movie has already had it's affect on him.

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