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A thought on blogs

Ever since I've started to use newsreaders like bloglines I've been reading the wide variety of information blogs available. They range from news about technology, computers, gadgets, IT, websearch, um... digital copyright law, apple, windows, google, Linux, video games and many other wondrous things in a single subject category. Ok, so theres not that big a variety of news blogs out there. Most blogs are about computers. Big deal. You know, it's comparable to when the newspapers began to spring up. All they could talk about was the wounder that was newsprint.


On second thought, there are more than just blogs about tech. There's those political blogs. I hoped that by not mentioning them they would go away. They didn't.

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Were going in a big white van like the kind independent militias use.

I had a good rhythm going for the bast few days right? Four or so posts a day, a lot of typing. So the logical thing to do now is to not post anything for a week. Oh, don't worry, it'll be all right. I think that my blogroll (now with error messages!) alone could be enough to entertain you for the time this site becomes a total void. And I'll get right back to pondering whatever I want to ponder here when I get back. So, enjoy this week without the inconvenience. I'll be back next Sunday.

No, not tomorrow next Sunday, the Sunday after that! Jeez, if I was coming back tomorrow I would say I'm coming back tomorrow , not next Sunday! I wouldn't even post a damn notice in that case! Stupid, stupid imaginary audience.

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Choosing a car was the fastest purchasing decision my dad has ever made

I mean seriously, it took him a month to decide on a grill.


Japanese cars are known for being a lot better than their American counterparts. They are generally more fuel efficient, less likely to break down, faster and cooler. That's why my dad bought the American made Ford Taurus.

Let me explain. Because the Japanese cars are so attractive to car buyers, dealers can sell a used Honda Accord for a lot more than the Ford my dad bought, even though the cars are vary similar. In fact, they sell it for eight thousand dollars more. You see why he bought this car now? It not even like the Ford is a lot worse than the Honda. They are both perfectly good no-frills sedans. One just costs a lot more than the other. And, with his first American car in years, my dad can now drive in Detroit without getting mugged.

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Ok, so I just talk about how I made my site look good and my template gets lost. Well, time to do it all over. Dammit.

Update: I got the site all perfect again. Happiness! I've also backed up the template so blogger can't go and delete it again. I've also added some bumper links to the bottom and a void of nothingness after that. It's so when you look at a comment's page the sidebar doesn't go all wacky. Ok, the google search is gone, but do you really want that? I mean, really really want that? Anyway, it's official, the site is as close to perfect as it's going to get.

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About the re-design.

I really have no idea why I just spent five hours making this site look all purty. But, hay, it looks good. Thank you to Blogger Templates for making the basis for the design, New One. I got rid of the titles and stuff because it really doesn't do anything but take up space at the top after someone realizes where they are. They can just look at the sidebar for that. And the text was way too small. I also added that tagboard on the side. That was a lot easer than I thought it would be. And the google search is kinda, well, ok. It really has no point. I don't think many people are going to need to find something on this site that bad. Oh well, it wasn't hard to get. And the blogroll, like, adds all of those links that I've been meaning to put up. So, yea. That was fun.

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Philosophy of modern pop songs 2

Philosophy of modern pop songs, the sequel: a kinda deeper analysis

Philosophical thought: Troubles they may come and go, but good times they are the gold.
Song: Steady As We Go
Artist: Dave Mathews Band

Hmmmmmm, what's with the but? Is Dave saying that good times don't come and go? Are good times some sort of magical golden alter that never leaves? Are good times like the in-laws on some crappy sit-com? I don't think I like good times anymore! Damn you DMB! You get a mediocre score of 22 Grammys dipped in petrol. Yea. Take that.

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The saddest moment of my geeky life

Notice: Geeky post. May cause blank stares and boredom.

Bored out of my mind, I decided to fire up the old n64 and play some of the great Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I expected to enjoy it like I did the most recent 2d Zelda, the minish cap, but it was not to be. Although Minush is only flat, it seems more fluid than it's clunky 3d brethren. Playing through Ocarina's ugly greens and browns feels not unlike playing the old Quake and Doom, yet more painful because I actually liked Zelda 64. And it becomes more and more unbelievable that I actually played on that huge Nintendo controller. Oh well, I guess it's a fact that 3d doesn't age well. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play Beyond Good and Evil.

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It's a post! (Philosophy of modern pop songs 1)

Summer begins and I'm doing absolutely nothing! HaHaHAHA! But this is not about me. This is about modern pop songs. Since I need some sort of format to actually feel like posting something, here is a new feature:

Philosophy of modern pop songs: a kinda deep analysis

Philosophical thought: Life is an hourglass glued to the table
Song: Breathe
Artist: Anna Nalick

Not a bad observation, though I think it's too general. It's not life thats moving forward and can't be turned around, it's time. If all of life was irreversible then the Berlin wall would still be up, the roman empire would still be around and Vanilla Ice would still have a carrier. So, while this observation is not fundamentally true, it's damn close so I give it a score of 70. Find out what the score is out of multiplying your age by two and dividing it by the length of an atom in inches. I don't know what you do with that number next, but it has to be important.

Where were we, oh yea, Breathe

Speaking of time, you can count the number of hours you have watched VH1 to the numbers of times you have heard this song.

5: 1 hour
11: 2 hours
556,942: way to many hours.

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I feel like an idiot but I can't stop laughing.

Unfortunate and incredibly hilarious MSNBC messup.

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The saddest conversation (the fourth) I have ever heard.

Thin pathetic guy: hay! give me your gamertag.
Fat pathetic guy: F--- you.
tpg: common, I wanna play you.
fpg: Idiot! I hate you!
tpg: dude, I'm like level 18, could get 19.
fpg: Get away from me! Homo!

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