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I have been starting all my posts with I today for some reason.

Apparently, Jedi Counsel in Chinese translates to Presbyterian Church. DUDE!
Don't have any idea what I'm talking about? I don't blame you. episode iii, the backstroke of the west (one random, explainable curse word)

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I keep waiting for Jay-Z to suddenly chime in.

If you have been reading this you probably know that I like the Gray Album. That makes it somewhat surreal to right now be listening to the White Album right now for the first time. While it feels kind of stupid to say it right now, but I didn't know that the White Album was two records (or cds) long, giving DJ DangerMouse a lot of choice over songs to put on the album. This is probably a good thing, because I can't imagine someone rapping over Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill.

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I finally live up to the politics thing in the sidebar.

Dude, you know the new freedom tower that's going at the former world trade center site? It's base, the thing that everyone is going to be looking at form the memoral site involves a thick layer of concrete covered in titanium panels designed to withstand a car bomb. Yep. And there will no windows in the base becasue of the hazzard of flying glass.

Too much fortress, not enough beauty
(stolen from the Chicago Tribune)

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Lets conversation again, like we did 23 days ago. (the fifth)

(Three guys in baggy pants with their underwear showing)

7: You know, in prisions showing your underwear is a sign that you're available.

(Guys quickly hike up their pants. The one guy wearing a belt tightens it up to the point that it hurts.)

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Also known as internet comics.

Notice: Geeky post. May cause blank stares and boredom.

The following is a monumental feat of bloging, a list of every webcomic I read and why.

Dinosaur Comics
The definition of esoteric, this site's uniqe idea, a gimic if you will, is that every comic uses the same artwork. Only the words are changed. Thankfully the writing works for it, each comic well thought out and funny as hell.

whispered apologies
Simular to the previous, this comic starts with a gimmic and goes from there. It's premice is that each comic is drawn by a different artist and given to a writer without any other interation between the two. The results are generally pretty good.

This comic somehow manages to be even weirder than the last two. It has also changed names three times in the last six months, so it may be worth sticking around to see what it will change to next. The same guy also draws Overcompensating: Actual Things That Happen to Jeffrey Rowland

I really don't know what to say.

diesel sweeties: pixelated robot romance web comic
They call it a raltionship comic, but all the funny jokes are about music.

You know that show NewsRadio? No? Oh well. This is like the geek version. It's also very good.

More geekyness

Penny Arcade
Geekyness with more cursing. And a children's charity.

chopping block
Silence of the Lambs meets ziggy. (in hiatius)

Men In Hats
It's like penuts with mean satirical charicters. (in hiatius)

Todd and Penguin
It's odd. It tries to be as good as Peanuts and Calven and Hobbes and gets very close a lot of the time, then it goes on these insane random plot lines and annoyingly cute strips. So close, so close.

Sluggy Freelance
By now, I'm only reading it for the saturdays and the hope that it gets better again.

Rob and Elliot
From the guy who does the satudays of Sluggy. It feels suspicually simular to Sluggy's early strips.

VG Cats
By god, it's dirter than Penny Arcade. I did not beleve that was possable.

Gossamer Commons
I really don't know what to say other than the archive navgation buttons rock. Oh, and the comic is good stuff.

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Only somewhat conformist!

Thanks to the excellent IAI now has an official link button! YAY!

I'm going to be playing around with this for a while, so, yea.

I'm not sure weather or not I like the new icons gracing the sidebar or not. Then I realized I don't care. So they stay.

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Being captured by pirates is kinda like being captured by groupies but less fun.

Notice: The following contains what is known as free prose. Essentially, the writer just wrote whatever the hell he wanted without thinking about the consequences of doing so. In other words, the following paragraph was not designed to be readable and never should be considered to be as such.

Dude! This post is gonna be weird man... wough! I just spent a week (was it a week?) kidnapped by PIRATE ALIENS!!! Ahhhhh! (To say their name makes them real and to make them real is to admit that the last week happened and to admit (hold on for a second...............................ok, I'm good) something is to make the horror more real (based on the realness-o-meter) or something like that (it wasn't really all that horrible an experience) and causes me to scream in pain.) They made me... made me... scrub THE POOP DECK!!!!! (oh poop deck, how do you haunt my dreams so?) This would have been all right had the pirates been real pirates, but these crappy pirates didn't even have eye patches. Oh pirate aliens, (Ahhhhh!) why can't you be real pirates? You guys suck.

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