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I think he forgot crappy blogs.

After a decade of evolution, investment and growth, the Internet is still primarily used to find pictures of naked women and to learn how to cheat in videogames.
Web Users Are Just Chasing Cheesecake -
On a related note, have you heard of WORDCOUNT? Check out QUERYCOUNT at the bottom of the page.

Also note that the last word on WORDCOUNT is conquistador. Awesome.

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Remember: Bill Gates is smarter than you.

Notice: Geeky post.

I'm not going to be like every other blogger and mention the stupidity of the next version of Window's name. Wait... oh crap.

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"Don't kill animals in shelters! Kill them in farms! "

"Activists and watchdog groups are trying to stop us from selling you anything we want to sell you." Much better to say, "These groups are trying to prevent you from buying anything you want to buy." Then it becomes a matter of sustaining freedom, protecting individual rights and keeping the prairie of consumer choices unfenced.
The Story Behind a New York Billboard and the Interests It Serves - New York Times
(Free registration, use BugMeNot)
Thanks Findory

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What's this? A post about my life? It can't be!

Yes it true!

My dad took me bicycle riding today on Chicago's lakefront. I have to sore butt to prove it. You know, besides the back breaking effort, my dad taking an obscene amount of pictures and the shirtless joggers who, well, needed to, was kinda fun. There was this soccer tournament on this miniaturised fields that sprawled over a park like weeds, even, I swear, up a hill. The fields were trampled to dirt from all the playing and with all of the tan Latinos (and Corona beer caps littering the field) I caught myself calling it Fútbol.

Further up the path was a small fire charring one of the lawns (the short, dry grass didn't amount to much of a flow. The fire department was there to put it out along a guy with a peace of plywood stamping out the flames. A few other bystanders poured their water bottles on the embers. Kinda futile, but whatever. My dad, of course, went to take some pictures and left me with the bikes. Oddly enough while I was alone some weird guy with a pinwheel cap rode his bike right up next to me. Unfortunately his shorts were purposely tucked to make sure that they revealed as much skin as possible. I fear that he saw me as fresh meat. Anyway, he joked that he could put out the fire with his pinwheel. I told him, in the most apathetic way I could, that that probably wouldn't work. He suggested that it might if it was spinning fast enough, and then rode off sadly.

Afterwards I rented Shaun of the Dead. Awesome movie.

So, that's my day.

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He's probably exaggerating it. A little.

Notice: Geeky post.

"Statements about 'Oh, the PS3 is going to be twice as fast as an Xbox 360' are totally meaningless . It means nothing. It's surprising that game customers don't realize how it treats them like idiots. The assumption is that you're going to swallow that kind of system, when in fact there's no code that has been run on both of those architectures that is anything close to a realistic proxy for game performance. So to make a statement like that, I'm worried for the customers. And that we view customers as complete morons that will never catch on and that we're lying to them all the time. That's a problem because in the long run, it will have an impact on our sales."
-Gabe Newell - Head of Valve, creators of Half Life

Next Generation - "Your Existing Code? Throw it Away"
It is worthwhile to note that the Nintendo Revolution will not have the problems that are discussed in the article. Just a note.

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I'm Sorry for the Inconvenience

A Kaldi's short Macchiato with a Starbucks-like chocolate muffin costs just 6.50 birr, which is under a dollar and pricey by Ethiopian standards. A similar pick-me-up at a Starbucks in the United States would cost more than five times as much.

Along With That Caffeine Rush, a Taste of Seattle - New York Times

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Creating mashups is a very delicate procedure.

Liked the Gray Album from before? These are a few songs in the same vain as old Gray there. I guess I should warn that some of these tracks contain Bad Language (one of them for comedic value, though).

DJ Earworm Music - I heartily recommend "No-one Takes Your Freedom" but the rest are good as well.

Consider it a natural consequence for the Beatles songs being kept so tightly under copyright (no legal music stores and the such):
Boing Boing: Incredible Beatles mashup mixes 40+ different tracks - one of the ten million links here probably still works.

Boing Boing: Notorious B.I.G. meets Frank Sinatra

Not a mashup but great none the less:
Boing Boing: Joan Baez-esque cover of NWA's Straight Outta Compton

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One minute of CNN Headline News

This minute is from a series of short reports that start off every Headline News program

  • Republicans throw a hissy fit over an art piece called Tanks to Mr. Bush currently on display in, believe it or not, a courthouse. Get the ACLU on the phone.

  • A sewage spill in Lake Tahoe, described in great detail by the on screen text as "Stinky." Requisite video of people in full body suits cleaning the crap up.

  • In a moment that feels designed just to anger PETA, they report on the catching of a shark for the Monster Shark tournament. You get to see it pulled out of the water in all it's fishy glory, thrashing and looking scared as Hell. Anyway, even though it was the biggest it didn't win because they missed the deadline to turn in their catch.
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    Just in case you thought this blog was getting too political.

    $150,000 tuition and 4 years of a college education. His greatest achievement.

    Boing Boing: homebrew gigantic Gummi Bear
    This is a bigger achievement than you think. With Swedish Fish bigger than the average Gummi Bear (and Gummi Worms bigger than them) this puts bears back to their rightful place in the food chain.

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    Surprising? No. Funny? Yes.

    In one poll, only 9 percent were able to identify William Rehnquist as Chief Justice after he had been on the court for 17 years. More people were able to identify Judge Wapner of the People's Court.

    Wonkette - The People Squeak

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    More site changes

    I put back up the NavBar. Why? Hell if I know. I kinda feel like the sky is falling on my blog. But the good news is that I just put in the Metempsychosis Comments Hack 1.03 and the Farrago Recent Comments Hack 1.03 so now my blog has a reasonable comments system. So... enjoy. I like this system better than Blogger's default, but I don't like that it's scrunched over onto the side like that. But whatever, it's all good.

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    Gotta clear a few things up. And to make fun of Canada, but mostly just gotta clear things up.

    In case you were confused about the movies post I should clarify, it was satire. All of the movies listed were pro-American; I attepted to prove that not all of Hollywood was out of touch with America (still, only five movies...). So, no need to move to Canada, it really isn't all that great. I mean, half of it's congress isn't elected by the people and the person on top is still the queen of England. Yep, those wusses aren't even sovereign.

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    These people MAKE YOUR CARS!

    My sister has been living in japan working for a pharmaceutical firm for over ten years now. She said the Japanese celebrates Christmas by eating KFC chicken. Apparently the resemblance between Colonel Sanders and Santa Klaus has mislead them to believe the Jolly St. Nick would jump down the chimney with buckets of delicious fried chicken.

    Boing Boing: Hilarious Passion of the Christ poster in Japan

    Don't worry, it makes more sense later.

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    Liberal Movies

    Let's take a look at some of the movies the liberal, bleeding heart, anti-American, Hollywood jews have made recently.

  • Batman Begins: American philosophy of redemption wins out against the fundamentalist Islamic philosophy of kill all the sinners.

  • National Treasure: Goes gay for American history.

  • In America: Irish immigrants find new, better life in America.

  • Team America: World Police: Spends more time riping liberal, bleeding heart, anti-American, Hollywood jews then anything else.

  • America's Heart and Soul: Title says it all
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    Movieland is such a magical place.

    You will survive any battle in any war UNLESS you show someone a picture of your sweetheart back home.

    20 Things That Only Happen In Movies - Nostalgia Central
    Stolen from Grumpy Gamer

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    Awesome-o-meter 2.0! Awesomer!

    To be judged before the internet: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (More popular on the Zeitgeist than Kelly Monaco)

    A part of the government: -19 (dang shifty eyed feds! don't trust im')

    Areal pictures of hurricane damage
    : +16

    Provides detailed information about the weather: +13
    ... that is used less than information from The Weather Channel: -2

    Alerts for hurricanes and other severe weather: +16
    ... that interrupt reruns of Seinfeld: -9
    ... which I hardly use because I live in the Midwest: 0
    ... which is in the middle of a drought: -22

    Sorry NOAA, you only get a score of -7. Not surprising, you're automatically uncool for being a part of the MAN. He's always keeping the populous down by providing detailed radar images. Radar: always watching.

    Posted on 17 July, 2005 | Post Page |

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