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If you're wondering what the heck that picture is, it's a sombrero. An artistically drawn sombrero, yes, but a sombrero none the less.

Ok, so the second to last day before marching band camp, a week where I'll be unable to update, I give you nothing. And the next day I give you people a bad picture of a sombrero, as the theme for marching band this year is cowboys (It is as I type this sentence that I realize that sombreros are Mexican, not old western). Anyway, to keep you people entertained here are the best posts of I.A.I. since the last time I did this.

See you crazy people August twenty second!

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The 4-0
By the way, this is post ninety-one.

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You see! This is what happens when you neglect something. It hides.

I've moved my nearly empty chatterbox off the fount page. It only kept the gave from loading quick anyway. It's been moved to another page so it still exists, though. Just click on the menu link to get to it.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for a response from the mysterious peppy stranger. Show yourself!


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I live in fear.

We live to serve the floating Denny's monolith! Anger him and it will vaporise you, puny human!
Floating Logos Project

(Thanks Findory)


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It's offical: No one gets my jokes.

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." Teddy Roosevelt (1918)

I can disagree with many things America is doing and still be her friend. It is what makes her great. If no-one is allowed to question the government, how is that any different than Fascism? How about you moving to Germany, you hate filled anti-semitic neo-Nazi! And take Pat Buchanan with you.

- Posted to "Liberal Movies" by some dude named shick. I'm as confused as you are.

This is totally awesome! Not only did he not get my joke, which I realized shortly after that people did not, but he called me a Nazi! Dude! And right after he qoted an eleqent phrase from Teddy Roosevelt.

So... Lets count the fictions in the post, shall we? The Nazi thing is number one, and calling me hate-filled and anti-semitic make two and three.

Anyway, besides those few bit's of BS I totally agree with you. I ought to move to Germany, or at least visit. Because last I heard it was democratic, industrialized nation with a stable government and good beer.

Oh, and I also agree that people should be able to criticize the government. Because anything else would be Fascism, right? I mean, the most influential democratic nation in the world never passed a law that said speaking out against the government is illegal, RIGHT? Ten years after the founding fathers broke that same law against England, RIGHT?!!!

(The Alien and Sedition Acts)



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An hourglass glued to the Internet

The little anoying thing on the sidebar is the time remaining until band camp. I shiver. Not because because of the cold... but because of the fear! Ok, so camp's that bad, but this countdown clock is still kinda creepy. Or it would be creepy if it had a kind of tick tock sound making the passing of another wasted moment of my freedom. *shiver*


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Semi-desperate times call for semi-desperate measures

The fine idiots people at guest map have changed how their guest map works so I have done some work to make it function normally again on a new page. Enjoy!

Bold New Guestmap


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Pocket Dictionary: $5.00

Those advocating gay marriage often do so with good intentions, believing they are championing human rights. Unfortunately, their efforts push in the opposite direction. By discarding the foundations of human rights, gay marriage proponents ultimately work against those rights.
Opinion - The ways gay marriage undercuts human rights -

human rights


The basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled, often held to include the right to life and liberty, freedom of thought and expression, and equality before the law.

Thanks Findory and


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More Marching Band. Plus: Crying Indians!

You know, people in my marching band keep going on about how they don't think that they can memorize their music. I, personally, don't think that's a problem. The band leaders are going to have them playing the songs over and over and if someone can't memorize it in rehearsal than they probably aren't paying attention. Wait a minute, memorization may be a bigger problem for me after all. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the show.

Song one: The Cowboys
It seems appropriate to start a show with a cowboy theme with a song called the cowboys. Brilliant. Anyway, the song is the usual John Williams: loud, familiar even when you have never heard it before and oddly lonely without a movie playing. It was also used in a Dominick's steak commercial, so it fits with the beef theme.

Song two: The Promise of Living
I officially have no information about this song (you have failed me Google), but I do know that it fills the ballad requirement for a marching show. It's easy, slow, and makes the show longer without requiring too much more work. Perfect!

Song three: Hoedown
This song is not actually called hoedown. It is called the beef song, and that is that. I hope that sometime during this song I get to yell beef and fill a deep need in my soul.

Song four: Silverado
I have never watched Silverado and I don't know crap about it (it says a lot when I'm too lazy for Google) but I must say, this song rocks. I can totally imagine some tough as nails western dude, the kind who can get shot in the gut while watching his house burn down with his wife and kids inside yet not cry, hearing this song and shedding a little tear down his cheek. It's the kind of tears Indians cry when they see pollution.

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