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"You could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down." - Bill Bennett

Are you pissed that he said that? I am. Not for the reason that everyone is angry about, that he thinks that they should do that. For example, here is what he said next:

That would be an impossible, ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down.

I'm not pissed that he said any of this crap, mostly because it is true. If there are less unwanted people then there are less people who commit crimes. Big surprise! Now here is why I'm pissed that he said that, something he said earlier on the radio show where the first comment happened:

I mean, it cuts both -- you know, one of the arguments in this book Freakonomics [is] that one of the reasons crime is down is that abortion is up. Well [I don't think that statistic is accurate].

Ok, so abortion doesn't lower the crime rate except when it does? Hubawha?


The wonderfully harsh response to the remarks

The authors of Freakonomics respond

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Posted on 30 September, 2005 | Post Page |

You know, if "Bigot and Proud of It" ends up on a shirt I expect a cut.

This T-shirt slogan, from the ever entertaining, is so hilariously odd that I feel obligated to post it here. First off, it forgets that the goal of an argument is to persuade who you are arguing against. If someone calls you a bigot then you are obviously not getting to them, the only place that you're winning is the world inside your head where you're always right (tell our president that I say hi). Secondly, it apparently doesn't realize what the definition of bigot is. So, here it is (in correct dictionary formatting as an attempt at mockery):

One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

[French, from Old French.]
Now here are some of the other shirts on the site.

(quote on lower left by Pres. Ronald Regan)

I'm sorry, but these people are bigots. And proud of it.


Shirts from

Definition from the liberal pigs of

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Posted on 29 September, 2005 | Post Page |

No one commented to say what the heck! I feel so alone...

Anyway... here's the continuation of this list.

6. Jay-Z + DJ Danger Mouse/ Interlude - Remeber the gray album? Anyway, this track uses clips from the oddest song from The White Album (which says a lot), Revolution 9. Once again, Wikipedia can explain this better than I can. You know, when I first heard of people doing weird things to I Beatles album I thought is was sacrilegious. Now I see that that's really in the spirit of the album.

7. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah/ Over and Over Again (Lost & Found) - I stumbled across this band from the site of some weird indie dude who is crazy about them. Me, less, but I like it enough to keep it on my playlist. I find the vocals to be a bit too messy, but some people like that.

8. Lushlife - Kane West vs. Beach Boys/ Get Em High - Anouther mashup in the vein of the Gray Album? Oh yea! I like this one better than ol gray though. This remix, called West Sounds, is much simpler than Danger Mouse's almost overbearing mix, letting you actually hear what Kane is saying. This song especially shows the zen like minimalism of the album, the only major background being an awesome hornline that turns what was once a fist beating chorus into something tuneful. About smoking dope, but still.

9. Beatallica/ We Can Hit The Lightz - Yep, a metal version of We Can Work It Out that is about beating people up. This song is better for a laugh than a listen, but hay, it's awesome enough.

10. Junior Senior/ Take My Time - Having a song from Junior Senior on my playlist is very masculine, thank you very much!

Bouns Track:
Ok, so this song didn't show up on random but it's worth mentioning.

Bill Cosby/ Dope Pusher - Starts out kinda stupid with Bill preaching to kids some stuff about drugs that, from what I've heard about drug sellers, isn't true ("A dope pusher can sell you any kind of drug you want!"). It gets awesome, though, when the funk beat starts and things just get awesomer from there. (thanks

You know, in retrospect this list contains a lot more drugs, rap and violence than I expected even though most of it was faked. I think this post needs some good vibes to balance out the bad.

Breathe in, breathe out.


Picture from mdu2boy and flickr


Posted on 25 September, 2005 | Post Page |

Not an exciting conclusion!

(Fourth of series on the comic strip Prickly City's response to hurricane Katrina. First is here.)

Sorry for not posting this yesterday, I was kinda busy.

Oh man, the coyote got up! The weird allegory for Katrina is officially over without anyone saying something really crazy. Or mentioning poverty or  the incapability of FEMA. Oh well.

Anyway this comic is hardly a surprising since it's saying basically the same thing that the Republicans (A.K.A. the ones to blame) said after the hurricane. Of course, they blamed the local government for poor planing at the same time, something that Prickly City did earlier this week. Yep.

Bonus Sunday Comic!!!!

Repeat after me, AWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Ok, that was mean.

Anyway, it's time to stop ripping this comic a new one. Unless he says something really out there, this is the end of Prickly City on I.A.I. It's almost sad.


Prickly City plays the blame game with the New Orleans government.

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