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Philosophy of Modern Pop Songs Four: So what if it's not a philosophy.

Song: Jesus Walks
Artist: Kanye West
Lyric: They say you can rap-about-anything except for Jesus/ That means guns, sex, lies, videotape/ But if I talk about God my record won't get played, Huh?

Now for the hit rap song, Videotape: I can record things on it, yea!/ I can pull the black stuff out of the top, holler!/ George Bush doesn't like black people./ Oh yea, George Bush doesn't like black people.


Boing Boing: Katrina: Kanye remixed, "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People"
Ok, that statement has little truth (A better one would be "George Bush Doesn't Care About Anything"). It still kicks ass!

Don't know what I'm talking about?
Boing Boing: Kanye West: "George Bush doesn't care about black people"

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Posted on 20 October, 2005 | Post Page |

I apologize (wink wink) for not updating I.A.I.

Sorry that I've been kinda neglecting this site. It seems that marching band continues long after people stop caring. But don't worry, a new Philosophy of Modern Pop Songs tomorrow!

Posted on 19 October, 2005 | Post Page |

I.A.I. Links: You really should look at this stuff.

  • Findory
    It can read minds! Of course, it uses this power only for good. Also, I insulted it in my old blog ( only to apolgise for it later).

  • Wikipedia
    An esylopedia for the people, by the people. This includes nerds who write long essays on OS Tans.

  • Idle Thumbs
    The eternal struggle between the mecha-goose and the balls kneeing robot.

  • The Onion
    Might make you cry.

  • Fluxblog
    Songs by lesbians, effeminate men and brits.

  • Firefox
    Ripping Internet Explorer a new one. Also, it's the one that blocks all the schmutz.

  • Bloglines
    Lets you read sites with feeds (like I.A.I.) in one place, which is muy awesomeo.

  • Daily Minute of FOX NEWS
    Site I used to do. For, like, two weeks. Good two weeks.

  • The webcomics I read
  • Cause' I'm weird like that.

  • Profile and stuff (About Me)
  • Posted on 16 October, 2005 | Post Page |

    Questions no one has asked but I will answer anyway. Why? Because I can.

    What is this crazy thing?
    A post in which I tell people about my site, I.A.I. (it's full title is the self depricating I Apologise for the Inconvience, but I got sick of that name so it's the acronym from now on). I will likely do it in too many words, so yea. And if you just what to say "hi" do so in the comments.

    You are?

    No, your real name, not some stupid user name.
    Sorry, man. I'd rather not tell you. I like having a little privacy about the things I write.

    What kind of user name is Noexes, anyway?
    One that no one else has, that's for sure. I got it from taking the band name "inxs" and morphing it into the opposite of it's meaning. It's not "noxs" because I thought the band was spelled inexes. Yea. The added Es make it pronounceable, though, so it's all good.

    So, you think that excesses are bad, or something?
    What ever you say, made up man.

    What the heck do you do here?
    I write about anything I want.

    So you blog?
    I hope not, I really hate that word. Yea, I'm married to the title it by using Blogger, but I can't take something called a blog seriously. It's just the way it rolls off a tongue, kinda like dude. While this site is definitely not anything of great importance, I don't want to call it a blog. Just call it a web site.

    When do you post things on here?
    I relish in the fact that this site is controlled solely by me, so there is no posting schedule. I do post things here somewhat regularly, so it's not totally dead.

    What kind of stuff do you post here?
    I relish in the fact that this site is controlled by me, so there are no guarantee about what I put up here will be like, but a lot of it is about music and politics. I mean, those are so similar, you know? Other posts are taken from things that happen to me.

    What's with the political stuff?
    I write about anything I want, and sometimes I want to write about politics. I'm a Democrat if anything, but mostly because they do less stupid things (in other words, fodder for the Daily Show). And I just noticed that I've started most of the sentences in this thing with I, but it's all good.

    Why have you repeated you phases in your answers?
    I don't know, to drive home my points maybe? That sounds right.


    What's with the line of hyphens?
    I'm separating the geeky stuff from the rest. Yea, I don't even know why I'm writing this stuff anyway.

    Your grammar awful all the time?
    My grammar sucks, I know. Any readability on this site comes from the ridiculous amount off effort I put in revision. Even after all that it's not that good. Part of me just wants to say "It's my site, so bug off!" but the rest feels kinda weird about it. If you see something you think I should change just tell me to edit it in the comments. That would be awesome.

    No ads?
    Like I said, this site is controlled totally by me. The last thing that I want to see is an "Ads by google" thing breaking my white background zen.

    Controlled totally by you? What about comments?
    I don't get many comments, so it's still mine for the most part. And I can respond to these comments or delete them anytime I want, so it's still technically mine. I want people to comment, and take some of my site from me, but they haven't. Come on people.

    Speaking of comments, where are the Trackbacks/Linkbacks?
    They don't exist. I tried getting the blogger version working but it wasn't to be. I don't think many of my readers know how to use that stuff, so it's not a loss.

    What's that Creative Commons thing on the bottom of the page?
    Anouther way people can take my site away from me. It's under a creative commons license, and just an attribution one, meaning that you can copy and change my stuff and publish it in any way as long as you tell people where it's from (, if you need to know). That would be awesome.


    I'm having trouble getting around the site. What is up, man?
    Heres something I wrote a while ago for you people. Hope it can solve your problem:
    The Feed links go to to my RSS/XML/ATOM/whatever thing. It's kinda complicated but click on it anyway as this feed stuff can do pretty cool things. The other links are kinda self explanatory so I'll wimp out and let you see what it is.

    The daily recomended dosage is a collection little posts, usually links, that aren't important enough to get their own main post. Still worth reading though, and it has an archive and feed as well. Click on the date of the post to comment on it.

    The archive is a collection of links to pages with everything I posted for one week for the entirety of me doing this stuff, allowing you to read all of the stuff I've written. It's a helpful tool for masochists.

    The category links go to pages in that list links to posts on a certain topic, either something general like "Politics" or something specific like "PricklyCity." The general ones are found at the bottom of the page and the more specific ones can be found by clicking the "more" link on the left hand side. I think this whole category thing is called folksonomy, but I'm not sure what Folksonomy means. All I know is that is has nothing to so with Woody Guthrie. This was set up using this system from freshblog.

    You talk a lot, don't you?
    Shut up man, you ask too many questions.

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    Why marching band sucked.

    Considering the number of anger surrounding marching band this year it's worth knowing that Alstadt kinda knows just how much people have hated this year. I talked to him during finals and he asked me how I felt about not winning finals. I was all meh, saying that I was sad that all that work and no big reward kinda sucked, but meh (in truth I was more devastated than I thought I was going to me. i went into the finals anusement thinking that it doesn't matter if we win or loose, but when we lost I was kinda angry). Then he asked me how other people felt. And, well...

    I salute all the seniors, who had to put up with all the COMPLETE S--- alstadt and silder have given us this year.
    The only good thing about marching band is the people you meet. After that, i have lost a lot of trust from alstadt and silder.
    Damn, i'm ready to punch one of them in the face.
    I'm siding with the naperville north kid, it's way cooler over there marching band wise. (link)

    Let's just say that I told him people were not liking marching band, but I didn't say shit. And I gave him a little list of why that went something like this:
    The good news is that he actually offered a good explanation of why he worked us so hard, which lead to the complaints, which led to the bad attitudes and which led to changes (but didn't lead to Katlin not being all that good, but oh well): the show length. Seriously, it was eleven minutes compared to last years seven. He says that next year the show will be shorter. So, yea. Then he got on his knees and pleaded with me to come back. Not really, but yea. So come back.


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