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« Home most popular mp3s: The worlds most inaproprate mashups., which is properly spelled in anoying lowercase letters, is the most popular site for what is known as social bookmarking. It's where people post links to things they like on a page simular to a blog and anyone can look there to see things that that user likes. Anyway, this page < / popular / system:filetype:mp3> is eccentually a list of the things liked the most by nerds who inhabit that site. The number one spot seems to be whatever version of a popular (outside the internet, that is) song has been redone in the least aproprate matter.

For example, in the order of popularity:
  1. London Symphony Orchestra/ Super Mario Brothers Theme - I feel sorry for the musicans who had to play this song while thinking about the years of music theory and classical training have lead to, well, this. It's awesome in it's own weird way, though, if kinda sad.
  2. Jim of Seattle/ Windows Sounds, Concerto Style - Ok, so it works. But I think that I've heard enough of those sounds already, thank you.
  3. Arty Fufkin - Gorrlaz vs. Gwen Stefani/ Hollaback Girls Feel Good - Why must the awesomeness of Gorrlaz be horribly mashed with the annoyance of Gwen Stefani? That's like putting bushel sprouts in a cake.
  4. Jimmie Jammes - Guns and Roses vs. The Beatles/ Sgt Peppers Paradise - If you thought the Gray Album was sacrilegious, this is pure heresy. Heck, I liked the Gray Album but I hate this. God, I can't even listen to it. Next.
  5. Unknown - Snoop Dog vs. Huey Lewis/ Drop It Like It's Huey - Like number 3, the clashing styles really clash here.
  6. Hard-n-phirm/ Rodeohead - The best of the moody rock band Radiohead done in silly bluegrass. You know, after hearing bands like Coldplay, Radiohead front man Tom Yorke admitted to having an identity crisis. Here's to hoping that he never hears this.
Even though most of the stuff there is really bad, a few songs stick out as very good.

Modest Mouse/ Paper Thin Walls - "It's been agreed that the whole world stinks so no one taking showers anymore." Ehhhh.


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